Our CrossFit class is great at building general physical preparedness.  We are always working on getting healthier, stronger, more skilled and in better shape.  We are very proud of the program that we lay out each and every day and it’s effectiveness to get you fitter and keep you healthier than your friends.  Attending class will get you generally more fit. But what about more specific domains?

Specialty Class descriptions:

We notice that as we train from year to year, we can go through different phases with our training: 

  • Sometimes we get the urge to run a 10K, obstacle course or marathon.  

  • Other times we get the urge to do a weightlifting meet 

  • Improve or attain high level gymnastics skills.  

  • Sometimes we just want to work on your sprinting capacity so when the fitness competition itch rises up we want to put our best foot forward  

  • Sometimes we want to get better than the people we workout with every day.  How’s that going to happen when you’re always doing the same routine?

Now while we work to improve the skills and capacities on a daily basis with our Crossfit programming, we also want to give you the opportunity to develop greater capacity by focusing on specific skills and time domains that may be your weakness or just an area of interest.  That’s why we’re offering our “specialty membership” so that you can explore these challenges on a more in depth basis here at CrossFit Island Park.

We already have our weightlifting specialist Steve Swistak for those who want to get good and moving that barbell, but now we’re going to be adding some more specific energy system and gymnastic training to our weekend schedule.

Engine:  Build your engine with workouts designed to expand your aerobic based.  This class will prepare you to work for long durations at a very sustainable pace.  It is progressive in nature, moving from long and slow intervals to shorter and faster intervals.  Expect to be sweaty but not laid out on the floor after this class. Coached by Rob

Gymnastics: Improve your body awareness and strength to bodyweight ratio by working through gymnastics progressions with our gymnastics coaches. Those of use who want to improve out kips, handstands and even more advanced gymnastics will be build from the ground up as we work towards getting your bar muscle up, handstand push ups and handstand walks. Coached by Amanda.

Octane: Learn your high speed gears by doing workouts designed to give you that burst when you need it most. This class will challenge you physically and mentally as we build from short sprints to long duration sprints. Power output will be high and you’ll be laid out after this class as it provides a heavy metabolic challenge. Coached by Jeremy.