Reflection of the 2019 Open


It is now a month after we wrapped up the 2019 “winter” Open. I say this because we will be gearing up for another 5 weekends of workouts in October. The new season format begins then. I am about to share some thoughts I have looking back at how the Open went this past February and March. I decided to look through each of the lens I have: Owner, Coach, Programmer and Athlete. They all blend together in some way but I separated these as best as I could to give some incite.


-  Going into the 2019 Open, I was relieved and excited that we found the right coach to join our team. Coach Kyle has been everything we wanted. He has life experience and plenty of experience coaching football as well as CrossFit. He is eager to learn from us and the way we operate. His positive attitude fit rights in and wants to be in the gym as much as he can. The start of the kids program has been popular and only growing. Welcome to the team Coach Kyle.

- This is my second Open as owner. We have had the luxury of having one of the best photographers in CrossFit on our coaching staff. Cleary always had his camera with him when he was part of our staff. This was a bonus for our members as well as the gym in general. I knew we needed to do something to make up for this loss. All the social media videos that have been made during the Open, the tips videos and workout demo/previews were made with iPhone stabilizer I decided to buy to see if it was worth it. Well it’s been a huge addition to our social media and I thank Colleen for making us look so good on Instagram and Facebook. 


- Coaching during the Open has been great. There have been less redos for open workouts than any other year I’ve been coaching. This is impart by how we have prepared and communicated to the members. It is also because we understand that the Open is a test. It’s not a “I don’t like my score, can I retake the test? Or retake it a third time.” We learn from our experiences and prepare for the future. We all have egos to some degree and we want to be proud of our performances. 

- Organizing the Open this year has been less stressful than the years past. I came up with the idea of movie themes to change it up and get more creative for the spirit each week of the Open. Dr. Jeremy and I bounced ideas back and forth to come up with the movies that we selected. The logos came out great thanks to EPG Designs which I have been using for 3 years now. 

- During the Open, I learned where most of our athletes need to improve. The combination of some movements paired as well as lack of strength or stamina in other movements had room for improvements. I immediately went to the drawing board and planned to implement ways to improve these areas in the class program.


- I am proud of how prepared the gym was for the workouts this year. I am also a little shocked how completely in line I’ve been with them as well as main site. Dr. Jeremy and I meet pretty frequently to discuss various aspects of the gym. We take a look at the program quarterly and ask ourselves “what are the main focuses?”,  “what is the next event we are looking towards?”, and “how can we improve the gym, community and member experience.” We joke about how often we are head of the curve. I do get some program ideas from HQ but many of them were in our program first. All the strict gymnastics work was seen in our program a few weeks before main site started them. There was a deadlift 10s during our cycle of deadlift. The most recent was the 3x1000m Row. I programmed it and two days later, it was the wod on main site. 

- It’s tough to stay creative and I’m fortunate enough to have daily conversations with Dr. Jeremy to throw ideas around. I also look at past Open, Regional and Games workouts to find patterns in style of workouts and movements used. Main-site workouts are often overlooked but they have some great workouts that I have even used in the exact format. I plan to continue to use ideas from other sources, plug them into my style of programming and keep it well balanced. 


- This has been the least stressful Open physically on me. One reason is because I wasn’t looking to place in the region and try to compete at the regional level. There are no more regionals. This allowed me to had no expectations and just have fun. It’s the first year to didn’t repeat a workout and I did each one on Saturday morning with the rest of our gym members. I really enjoyed it.

- Having experienced 5 Opens before this one, I had always watched others do the workout, strategized and planned how to a do the workout. This year was different. I did very little strategizing. I went off experience and feel for the most part. I also had other things on my mind for the entire month. I spent the entire month buying an engagement ring for Nikki and finding time to go design and go pick it up. It was not easy, as we spend a lot of time with or near each other. Nikki works in the clinic as a Acupuncturist and coaches one day a week.