What I Learned from 19.4

First a break down of the workout.

Part 1: There was a strength component to this part.  You needed to have a certain level of strength to get through 30 reps at 95# or 65#.  If you had the strength, then the workout came down to how much you wanted to hurt.

Rest:  How fast could you recover from how hard you just went?  Some people are able to “go there” for 2-5 min and rebound, others haven’t trained that ability to “go there” and some can “go there” but haven’t trained the recover part just yet.  

Part 2: Skill was the main limiter here.  Did you have bar muscle ups (BMU)?  Could you do big sets? Did you have to manage your fatigue?  Did you manage it well? How well you did on this part lies in answering these questions.

  1. I learned I’m only willing to push so far right now:  Yes it hurt.  Could I have made it hurt worseL Yes.  At this point in my training, I just wasn’t willing to go to that painful place of lactic burn.  This is trainable.  It’s not necessary for a functional human life, but it is trainable and something I want to get better at.  It’s just lower down on the list that some other things that have popped up this open.

  2. Rob had us ready… AGAIN:  We’ve spent blocks of our programming working on barbell cycling.  We trained bar facing burpees throughout the year (to a higher standard than we were asked to hit).  We’re working through strict gymnastics work and we’ve seen BMU throughout the year in conditioning.  So there really wasn’t anything we hadn’t dedicated actual time to getting better at, let alone seeing for the first time.  Hell, we’ve been doing similar time domains of work and rest once a week for the last month. Movements: Check, Energy system work: check.  Thank you Rob!

  3. I’m slow:  I watched the video Rob took of me doing the workout.  I thought he slowed it down.  Now, part of this is intentional: I’ve bitten myself with the injury bug hinging too fast in the past, so there is some self preservation happening, but damn, I’m not impressed.  I’ve got kids I need to out run in the future, I have to get on this physically and mentally.

  4. BMUs went better than expected:  I attribute this to the strict work we’ve been doing.  In the not so recent past we did a BMU workout that I started with BMU and quickly scaled down to chest to bar pull ups because they just weren’t there.  I had some good pop on this movement this week and was able to confidently hit sets of 2-3 each time I tried.  

  5. I still have a chicken wing on my BMU: but I noticed it’s coming from my hip drive not being connected to my shoulder.  I’m going to experiment with some one are hang to active scapula and improving my hip extension capability on the left to see if I can remedy this annoyance.

Again this week there were some things that I was happy about, there were some thing that I know I could do better.  There are some things I want to do better, but I have to understand that in my complete list of things that I want to do better at, where every thing sits.

Game plan: 

  1. continue with strict gymnastics work in class, make it up when if falls on my rest days

  2. move faster when applicable.  Not only within movements but also in our anaerobic interval work (which will make it hurt worse)

  3. add single arm hang to active shoulder and single leg box jumps to the “extra work” list

So what were you happy about with your efforts this week?  What do you want to get better at?  Why do you want to get better at it? Where does that stuff fall on your list of “things to improve”?  How do you plan on getting better at it.

- Dr. Jeremy Todd