What I Learned From 19.3

The quick version: I’m not very good at Strict HSPU hahahaha.  I had 4 minutes, I got 7, missed on 3 reps completely, no repped myself on one for skimming the mat and not making full contact. 

Upon deeper inspection there is a whole lot more I learned.

  1. You can’t get good at what you don’t practice.  This applies to everything in life i suppose.  I mean if you are attentively (very important modifier there) doing something often or every day, you’re going to get good at it.   Due to some previous neck pain from kipping HSPU, I had made a conscious decision to refrain from smashing my head into the ground with my full body weight on top of it.  In doing this I found myself, not motivated to go on days when there were HSPU, strict or kipping, and when I was there I would press instead.  Net result, sub 50th percentile in the open for this workout.

  2. I care about how I do in the open.  There I said it.  I got the feelings with this one.  I know I have the potential to do better here AND… I WANT TO do better.  You need both for progress.  If we see this again, I’m going better because I’m going to work on this consistently both in and out of class.  Now, I’m not going to make the rookie mistakes I made before and get all gung ho and over work myself for the next few weeks until the wheels fall off and then have to take a step back.  This time I trust the process: be consistent with class, execute with intent and based on how my recovery is doing and sprinkle in some extra work outside of class, in a very manageable fashion.

  3. All the single leg work has paid off. The leg work was not a big deal for me.  I wasn’t incredibly fast but I was happy with my tempo: switched overhead position every 25 feet without much delay, did all 50 step ups unbroken (just got a little slow at the end)  The soreness was still real the few days after.

  4. Fatigue accumulates in the open from week to week.  I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m finding myself more tired throughout the week and things feeling heavier right now than they did a few weeks ago. And I don’t ever re-do a workout.  I can’t imagine how people feel who re-do every workout.  They must have to kick intensity waaaaay down from week to week, or be so fit and recover so well that it doesn’t matter.  I also question how hard they go the first time…. but that’s another post.

  5. Rob had us prepared. In the last year we’ve gone through 2 step up strength cycles, a lunge strength cycle, 2 strict handstand push up cycles and practiced all movements multiple times in conditioning pieces.  There were people in gyms doing their first step ups on a box with weight last week, trying their first strict HSPU because all they do is kip HSPU.  The opportunities to practice have been there.  Rob gave us the answers to the test, it’s been up to us to study or not.

My action plan:

  • Get to class

  • Execute intent

  • Adjust effort based on recovery

  • Do a little extra work, but be patient with it

  • Do better in the future