N̶e̶w̶ ̶Y̶e̶a̶r̶'̶s̶ ̶R̶e̶s̶o̶l̶u̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ Creating Better Habits & Remembering What It’s Like to be a Member

It’s been five years since I consistently participated in CrossFit classes as members do. I began doing CrossFit movements in a globo gym in 2011. I never squatted heavy or learned the barbell movements. I became very good with body weight stuff and everything you call “cardio.” I joined Bay Ridge CrossFit in February 2013 and spent a lot of time there. I got my L1 two months after I joined and began coaching six months after that. I probably took class for a year before I started experimenting with other programs out there to get me competition ready. After I competed in regionals, it was “I need to do more, get stronger and train more often.” Long story short, the level competition got exponentially higher and I had not made the necessary choices to keep up.

These choices included how I spent my time other than training and what my diet looked like. You may look at me and say, “You’re so lucky. You can eat anything you want and still look like that.” At one point that was true. When I trained twice a day for 5-6 days per week, I embraced that and partied as much as I trained. I did not understand what was necessary to be able to return to the coveted regionals floor again. Aside from that, I did not understand the influence I had on others as a head coach and the leader of a fitness community.

Over the past couple years, I’ve made the choice to party a lot less and focus on making the gym better. I figured while I was in the gym so much, I have the opportunity to train more. This all got redirected when I decided I want to own this place. Right there, priorities shifted and being a competitor dropped down the list. I was okay with if knowing my capabilities and knowing I matured as a leader. I started taking more interest in my nutrition. I became more aware of what I was consuming and was conscious of what everyone was consumed too.

New year resolutions are often forgotten about. My plan as 2018 ended was to start January 2019 with the right mindset and good diet. After that, I wanted to take class again. My mindset has been great over the past year. Since being a business owner, I had read more and searched to listen to more podcasts and talks relating to business, more specifically the business of fitness. I understand how to better communicate with people and I truly enjoy my job as a coach. I did realize I needed to start walking the walk in every facet rather than just being a good athlete and valuable coach. My diet needed to be in check. I’ve heard, read and seen the results when someone is dedicated to their nutrition and recovery. When those stars align ( and believe me I know it’s a difficult task), the performance in the gym is better.  

It’s all about creating better habits. Tracking my nutrition consistently has never been an easy task. It’s been just that, a task. I tried in the summer of 2018 and of course I indulged in everything that Long Beach summers offer. I embraced that and enjoyed it. This time the goal was to begin 2019 by doing two things, track my macros with limited to no alcohol and take class more. I have created a better habit, thanks to Nikki who wanted to start tracking her nutrition again. I felt that I can benefit from paying more attention to my diet and knew that if I did this with her, she would be more likely to stay dedicated to her goals. I took a before photo and plan to take another photo after 60 days. I intend to keep this going after 60 days but I know that creating a sustainable habit take quite a bit of time. It is definitely not easy to always keep tabs on the amount of food I consume or the measurements. Nikki and I have a food scale that was less than $20 on Amazon. We look ahead for the whole week. Breakfast is more or less the same every single day. We plan out what we will have for dinner 5 out of 7 days and know what lunch looks like for a few as well. The rest is filled in day to day. Some days are way more challenging to hit my numbers. In the past month, we went out to dinner three times and had threes birthday celebrations. Those were the tricky times to track. So 25 out of 31 were tracked accurately. That’s about 85%. That’s a solid percentage and yes I’d like it to be higher. We have different goals as we track and sometimes completely opposite issues. There are times when she complains that she “only” has “x” amount left. At the same time, I complain that I need to still fit “xxx” before the day is over and it’s 9pm. Nonetheless, we are keeping each other on track and we both are feeling better about it.

To go along with my diet, I have taken class 23 times in January. This is definitely the most class I have participated in since my first year of CrossFit. The only extra exercising other than class over the past month was to do weightlifting homework or test workouts for class. I am having a ton of fun too. This is also giving me an opportunity to understand how everyone else feels from the program. Yes, I would test workouts but would not always know how members feel because I wasn’t testing it in the same flow of programming that they were doing it. I feel sore some day and great others. It’s important to be aware of your recovery as it relates to how you feel today versus yesterday and tomorrow. How much sleep did I get last night? How many hours did I coach today? Am I going to have the energy to do that workout tomorrow? Should I take today or tomorrow off? Or both?

Let me know if you have questions about what I’m doing or advice to create better habits for yourself.

- Coach Rob Moloney