Personal Training
Utilizing personal training to get through training plateaus.
While we have some members that exclusively do personal training to meet their fitness goals, the bulk of our personal training sessions are utilized by members who are looking for some extra skill work to get over plateaus. Whether it’s getting your first toes to bar or double under to mastering the subtleties of the full snatch and muscle up, personal training will help you achieve these skills faster. 

Group class will provide steady and incremental progress in all metrics but for those of us who want to fast track our progress so we can utilize higher level skills and heavier weights while conditioning Personal training provides the quickest path to success.

Personal training provides immediate feedback and correction as well as guided homework to maintain or improve skills between sessions.  Know where you need to get better, know how you need to get better and have a plan personal training.

Personalized Programming
We’ve often seen athletes struggle with aches and pains, modifying workouts because of joint pain,spending time and money out of the gym and in the rehab clinic.  

Having a doctor who is also a longtime coach, on site, who knows your orthopedic problem and the program you are executing on a daily basis is vital to getting you back to regularly scheduled programming and out of the clinic forever.  Your doctor/coach will provide the exact short term modifications for each day’s program so you get a great workout while allowing your injury to heal AND give you the exact strength and mobility work you need to do to get better and stay better.

We’ve also seen members look to online programming to gain strength, only to end up injured and sitting on the sideline waiting to get better.  Having a coach that is well versed in writing strength programs AND that knows your exact program on a day to day basis so they can weave the appropriate strength training plan is the recipe for gaining strength while continuing to improve all facets of you fitness with class.  Ask one of our coaches or staff about Personalized Programming today.