Getting Started as a New Member

You can email us, call or walk right into the gym when you are ready to better your health and fitness.
In the video above, Dr. Jeremy Todd answers some questions you may already have and some that you may not have thought of. Listed below are the details a member new to crossfit should know.
You will also receive plenty of information in a New Member Welcome Folder when joining.

Initial Start up cost: $567 (equals your first 3 months of membership), a $1,200 value.  Included with your start up fee are:

  • 3 months of CrossFit membership

  • Initial consultation with your coach

    • It’s important for us to know your fitness experience and general lifestyle habits outside of the gym.  In turn we can identify areas for improvement and help optimize your experience in the gym for enhanced results. 

  • Your Fitness Physical

    • For optimal performance it is important to know what you’re body is already good at and what areas might need some extra attention.  One of our experienced coaches will test your baseline capabilities and educate your strengths and weaknesses.

  • 2-3 x personal training sessions

    • Getting hands on coaching is important to understanding the movements you will be using in class.  Over the course of these training sessions your coach will show you what successful movements look like and what they should feel like.

  • Consultation with a Joint Health and Movement Expert

    • The most important ability is availability, especially when it comes to your fitness.  The number one reason people stop training is because of joint pain. Get assessed for any movement dysfunction you may have and understand how fitness related injuries occur by getting a joint by joint evaluation by our injury prevention expert.

  • Consultation with a nutritionist

    • Diet and nutrition go hand in hand.  Failing to optimize both is preparing to fail.  Sit down with a certified nutritionist to understand where you can improve your food intake to accelerate and optimize your hard work and results in the gym.

Frequently, in order for new members to feel fully confident entering classes, they need more personal training sessions.  If that is the case for you the cost of additional personal training sessions will be pulled from your initial start up fee.  This will result in earlier initiation of payment for regular membership fees than if no additional personal training sessions were purchased.