January 2018 Athlete of the Month - Andrew Dickson

Our selection to start the 2018 year has been a long time coming. Andrew Dickson is one of the hardest workers you will meet. We now have a husband and wife duo on the wall as his wife Cariann was our June Athlete of the Month. Andrew is an Army veteran and a sergeant in the NYPD. Thank you Andrew for your continuous efforts to serve our country and the city of NY. Due to his work schedule, taking classes at the gym isn't always ideal. This doesn't stop Andrew from getting in the gym. It's great to see his discipline in training. He truly enjoys the process and loves sharing his passion for working out with his wife. Keep up the hard work Andrew! Enjoy the honor because you deserve it. I hope to see that championship belt soon.
Written by: Coach Rob Moloney

How long have you been a member and how long have you been doing CrossFit? 
I have been doing Crossfit probably about 5 years and I have been a member at Island Park for 4 years. 

What is your favorite thing about the gym?
The class times/open gym. The scheduling is great, especially for some one like me with an ever-changing work schedule. I can always find a time slot to work out and of course the coaches, even when I am only able to make it to open gym, the coaches never hesitate to see how I am doing or give advice on lifts or movements without me having to ask. 

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?
My biggest challenge was probably recovering from some shoulder problems. For a long time, I never thought I would do anything overhead again. Thanks to hard work, patient coaches, acupuncture, massage and Dr. Jeremy working his magic, I don’t have any pain with anything I do. 

What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?
I would have to say last year’s open. I convinced my wife to sign up and do it for the first time and neither one of us could do Saturday mornings because of work so we would go on Friday and do the workouts. We had a lot of fun doing that together and there was always friends that would stay from previous classes or come in just to cheer us on. I still remember after 17.5 laying on the ground gasping for air and Cari standing over me saying “I think I did better than you!” 

What's your favorite "cheat" food?
I love sweets it’s really my downfall. If I had to pick one, nothing beats a good brownie. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?
Just have fun with it. Enjoy the pain and suffering of each workout. Have fun talking about how much it sucked afterwards. Celebrate every accomplishment and PR. Welcome the challenges that the sport brings. Above all, use as much chalk as possible when moving a barbell, the weights will fly up. 

What drives you?
I just love working out. I enjoy the process of trying to be better than I was yesterday. 

What is you biggest fitness goal right now?
More consistency. I want to have more consistency with class attendance and diet. I have a little bit of an inconsistent work schedule and too often I use that as an excuse to eat poorly or not go to the gym. That needs to end.