July 2019 Athlete of the Month - Marc Caine

What can I say about Marc Caine that you won’t get from reading his Q&A? For starters, Marc is one of the most dedicated members I have ever (yes ever) come to know. He’s a smart guy with numbers working for the IRS. You wouldn’t know that unless you got to talking with him about work. I bet you didn’t know he shows up about 20 minutes early to class multiple days a week to run a mile before the 5:30am class. Something I learned about Marc is that he “was” fearful of movements in the past. Now, you would never know as he is eager to get better at every single aspect of training in the gym. From pull-ups and rope climbs to cleaning up technique with olympic lifts, Marc makes sure he take the necessary time to improve. Being that I have coached him multiple mornings per week for that last 3 years, It has been awesome to watch him lift. Marc is a powerful athlete and can squat and deadlift some heavy weight. The cool thing is that Marc is in his 40s and is still getting stronger. This goes to show that building strength is not only for 20 year olds and it does in fact take time as well as dedication. My favorite answer in Marc’s Q&A is for the question asking what would he tell someone thinking of starting CrossFit. Go read that answer. Marc just gets it! He understands the intent each day and sees the overall vision of what we strive to do at CrossFit Island Park each day. I know this is something he truly believes because he has broke friends in to join. He was up front and honest about if he thought it would stick. Two plus years later, Brad is a 5:30am regular. So thank you Marc for your endless hard work and trust you put in us. It's always a pleasure to have you in class and don’t worry, the Open is around the corner so you’ll get that game day feeling soon.

Written By: Coach Rob Moloney

Why you started Crossfit?
I started CrossFit because I was totally bored at the "regular" gym.  I would do the standard workout of chest day, bi-tri day, leg day, running and swimming.  The day I saw some guy working out (I use this term loosely) in jeans and button down shirt I knew I needed a change.   I also missed the feel of competition. I was not the best athlete growing up but I always played a sport and loved "game day."  The competition wods and especially wods during the in-house open provide me that rush of a game day.  

What’s your background? (Athletic)
Growing up I played hockey, baseball and basketball.  In high school I was on the swim team (I am surprisingly fast for a larger person). And in college I decided to lose the speed-o (not a pretty sight) and tried out for the Rugby club - which I played for all four years.  

How long have you been a member and how long have you been doing CrossFit?
I started CrossFit over 5 years ago at Oside and came to Island Park the day after Oside closed.  

What is your favorite thing about the gym?   
There are actually two favorites for me.  First and most obvious are the people. Knowing there are 200 plus members here that all share a common passion is an amazing feeling.  And Especially the 530/6 am crew who all get up before the sun to start the day sweating. Second is the challenge each day presents. There is never a day I walk into the gym (or at 5 am it is a slow waddle) and feel bored or that the wod is pointless.  The programming is on-point. The fact that our workouts are well planned and tested weeks in advance shows that Rob cares about our progress and what we are doing each day has a purpose. Other places have WODs that were created by the coach on the way into the gym that morning.  Not here.

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the gym?
The feeling of "I cannot/will not do that".  Now I feel that I can try anything. And if there is a movement I cannot do I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed. Rather I feel just as accomplished with the scaled or modified  version of the movement. And I have definitely taken that confidence with me for use outside of the gym.  

What is your favorite moment at the gym so far?  
Squat cleans.  (I assume everyone would have guessed deadlifts or back squats). 

What's your favorite "cheat" food?
Anything not called salad.  But honestly nothing beats a bowl of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting?
Go inside and try one workout then make your decision.  Most people my age are scared of the word "CrossFit". I try to explain that CrossFit doesn't mean squatting 400 pounds or flipping tires every day.  At CrossFit there is no judgment and there are professional coaches that will help customize any of the workouts. Also, you will acquire new skills and inspirations that will make you a better, more well-rounded person.  

What drives you?  
My 3 kids and being alive and well to see them all become adults with their own families.  My wife and I both do everything possible to make certain our kids have the best life possible.  We want to make certain our kids understand that they need work / life balance and that fitness has to be part of it.    

What is you biggest fitness goal right now?
I would love to lose weight, which is a struggle for me.  Some of the early am people are planning a weight-loss competition for after the summer (we are waiting since some people who shall go nameless don't want to give up beer and BBQ until September.